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Okay so last night I was watching this show on TV called Make it or Break It. Now from what I’ve heard, I’m utterly alone when I say this but I really really like it. It has all the elements a good TV show should – bad acting, cheesy lines and The Bold-and-the-Beautiful style sub-plots.

Yesterday’s episode in particular was quite exciting for me because it was when I realized that one of the characters was also an actress from another show I used to enjoy. Guess who ?






DJ Tanner of Full House fame is also ” I have no idea what her name is on the show” on Make It or Break It.

In terms of the shows, they are nearly the same with only the slightest changes to bring it into the new millenia but the main themes are all still there.

Full House stopped airing in 1995. So if anyone was wondering, that’s how long it takes for child stars to spend all their money and have to start working again. Not bad if you ask me! See you in another 10 years ( considering inflation and what not ) kid from Two and a Half Men.

While I was writing this rambling post about nothing, I also got to thinking about other lesser sports that might make good TV show premises.


Not familiar with the sport ? Basically, competitors help guide a 42-pound granite stone towards a target — on a giant sheet of ice — using brooms. The episode possibilities are endless : two “curlers” fall in love, a teammate falls through the ice or breaks a toe on the granite stone, someone secretly uses a state of the art curling broom for ordinary sweeping? I’d watch it


I guess this isn’t really a team sport but still, the life of a racewalker; always having to careen through life but without ever breaking into a jog or slowing to a stroll. His friends are all olympic runners and his love interest is played by someone too large to walk briskly. He’d be torn. It’d be amazing.


As the name suggests this is a combination of two sporting events. Skiing and its obvious companion rifle shooting. Yup, competitors ski race along a flat, snowy surface with a rifle attached to their backs and periodically stop to fire their rifles at targets. Guns lead to violence which always makes for good TV.

Throwing vampires in to the mix ( as all show creators are wont to do these days ) would definitely push the show to the outer realms of well, watchability but coming from someone who religiously watches both Vampire Diaries and Make it or Break It I may not be the authority.

( For those of you judging me, remember at least I don’t watch Twilight )

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