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I read an article in the newspaper yesterday called ” 5 signs she thinks you’re a friend, not a boyfriend“. Read this before you proceed.

Basically, it’s for boy’s to know whether they’ve slipped past being datable and into the dreaded ” friend ” zone. The article seems thoroughly misguided to me and ( because I now have the platform ) I feel like it’s my job to correct this article.

So how do you know your advances are going too far? How do you know if she thinks you’re hunky, her flunky or just plain serial–killer in the making? Read on:

5. She avoids you in public

She doesn’t mind texting or G-talking you but when she sees you out in public, she turns and runs. Especially when public means “waiting room at her gynecologist “or “her great-grandmothers 90th birthday picnic (in a different city)”

4. She brings a pal on a date

So you finally got her to say yes to a date, but she brings a friend along. She says she thought you’ll were just ‘hanging out’ so it would be alright. The friend is wearing running shoes and carrying a baseball bat. Every time you lean in too close, you sense the friend is raising the bat over your head.

3. She asks for favours

She is collecting forensic evidence to assist the police investigation should you succeed in killing her. If she asks you to leave your shoe, foot and finger prints in paper and strands of hair for various “science” projects she’s doing, get the hint.

2. She cringes at touch

Friends usually touch: shake hands, hug etc. So if she cringes, screams and generally, flips-out every time you touch her, your chances aren’t looking so good. Do a small test: run up behind her and put your arms around her. Say it’s you. If she pepper sprays you and starts blowing a rape whistle, she has every intention of testifying against you in the criminal proceedings.

1. She talks about other men

She is always discussing the other men she knows. She’ll comment on how tall they are, how much they bench, which of them works for the police. This is to make it clear to you that

a) people will notice if she disappears

b) Should you ever try anything, there’ll be an army of men gunning for you.

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