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An average day for me includes a 2 hour commute, 10 hours of work and 8 hours asleep leaving only 4 hours where I am at home AND conscious at the same time.  Nevertheless, I have never felt the need to attempt to make the 4X4 workstation I have been given feel like home. While I can understand why people choose to do this, I am often just plain baffled by the means they choose.

In my mind, reasonable things to have at your desk are maybe some stationery and a clock at best. However, other people I work with appear to have a completely different view-point on this.

Here are some of the things they have on their desks:

  • Artificial Flowers


Why? Really, why ? If you ask me they start looking rubbish faster than real flowers. They also collect so much dust it’s enough to get even my food allergies going.

  • Candle Holders


At what point of time in your day at work are you going to light candles ? We have about 8 generators that kick-in in case of a power failure; just so we have  no excuse to stop working. The only possible  opportunity to use this would be if someone is trying to exorcise the stupidity from you.

  • Christmas Ornaments


I’ll admit Christmas is my favourite time of the year. ( Mostly because I take Christmas to New Year’s off and don’t have to come to work).  Beyond that time, I don’t really care so much for Christmas. Honestly, I’d rather be burnt at the stake than walk into work on a Monday morning halfway through the year and see a foot high (fully decorated) Christmas tree at someone’s desk. This lot would be better off trying to get a calendar and another digit on an IQ test.

  • Framed Pictures of Actors that you are not in


Seriously? A picture that probably came with the frame trumps pictures of your mother/ father / spouse? 

  • Teddy Bears ( or really any stuffed animal that isn’t something you’ve shot yourself )


I find that this is the most irksome of the lot. If you are the over the age of 5, a teddy bear has no place in your list of belongings. Certainly not a pink one attached to your computer monitor. Unless you work at say, a teddy bear factory, this is a sure sign of you having severe mummy issues and a strong dislike to people taking you seriously.

These are only a few in the long list of ridiculous knickknacks people choose to clutter their desks with. I did a quick search to see if I could find a short plan on organizing one’s desk to maybe circulate to the rest. While I did find several, none of the sites including burning or dropping these wonderful artefacts to the very bottom of the sea, which is my advice so I guess I’ll just have to let it slide.

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