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In case you were wondering, this is what I’ve been doing while not writing for Office Oddities:

I read The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh. Best book ever!

Signed up for Twitter.

Loved Twitter.

Followed Justin Bieber on Twitter.

Died of boredom on Twitter.

Realized I’m the only one who likes Family Guy.

I turned 23.

Somebody gave me a balance ball for my birthday. I still don’t know if it’s an insult to my weight or my balance.

Suffered severe writers bloc. Severe. Really severe.

Still managed to co-found an online magazine called The City Slacker. Support me, WordPress friends!

Asked all the intensely talented bloggers that read my blog to send The City Slacker articles for us to publish. (submit@thecityslacker.com)

Oh wait! That last one just happened!

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In the old days, when blogging was still unknown to me and indulging in any internet-enabled social interactions seemed a tedious affair, I would spend much of my work day lurking around various blogs that I had stumbled upon. I would laugh, read, enjoy and then slink away in anonymity.

Now that I have my own blog and a resultant predilection for putting everything that pops into my head on the internet, I know first-hand the boundless joy from receiving an flattering comment – such as the one below.

“perfect work you have done, this site is de facto cool with superb info. I suggest you put this content to reddit, and then more and more population might entry your posts. Thank You”

Heartwarming! I’ve never been cool so being de facto cool was a distant dream!

Having learnt this, I now make it a point to leave a comment on anything I enjoyed reading– whether it was an idea, writing style, LOL-ability, even good grammar. This in turn, has brought me to the realization that, while I can churn out one average 200-300 word post daily, my ability to write a coherent compliment or summation of what I felt about a topic is far less than average.

I’ve put much thought and many sleepless nights into it and I think, perhaps, I have found the reason for my glaring inadequacy when it comes to comment writing.

A few months ago my dearest friend left the country. I was so distressed by the whole thing that I felt I must get on every possible mode of communication to keep the friendship afloat. As a result, with a heavy heart, I finally renounced my title as the “Last Person in their 20’s Not on Facebook.” Fortunately (if you’ve noticed the length of my sentences) I’m not fit for Twitter so I spared myself that. Now that I’m there, I often find myself astounded at other people’s ability to say anything about anything. It must be nice to be able to do that. I don’t know how to – from a lack of practice, I fear. Those that have been on for a few years are far at the fore in this respect.

If I have commented on one of your posts or replied to a comment you left on one of mine, you know what I am talking about.  But before you jump to judge, or wonder if I’ve paid someone else to write my blog, you should know that I often spend more time on a single comment than I have on many posts. So don’t blame me; blame Facebook for being unappealing and kind of silly.

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There was a time, a few months ago, when I had not yet succumbed to Facebook; the good old days when I was only privy to the unimportant news of two or three people I had to endure on an all-to-regular basis. Although, the number of “friends” I have racked up is only a two-digit number, in my mind,  I am faced with much more worthless information than any human should receive.

Recently this “news” has begun to include daily updates from people participating in the 30 day song challenge.

I’m not exactly sure what’s challenging about it or if there’s even a prize. The purpose of it is beyond me. Someone tried to explain. I don’t think I was listening.

Like my friends, if you too are unfamiliar with the word CHALLENGE, let me break it down for you.

Not a Challenge: Fitting your dog into a purse.

Actually a Challenge: Fitting your dog into a purse without looking like you have serious mental health issues.


Not a Challenge: Watching Notebook and crying.

Actually a Challenge: Watching Notebook.


Not a Challenge: Drinking two cups of coffee and three cups of tea in one morning (Me- This morning!).

Actually a Challenge: Being able to see straight after.


Not a Challenge: Listening to Lady Gaga’s music.

Actually a Challenge: Listening to Lady Gaga talk.


Not a Challenge: Planning to do 200 sit-ups a day.

Actually a Challenge: Doing more than one.


Not a Challenge: Calling in Sick to work.

Actually a Challenge: Calling in Fat / Catholic / Uninspired


Not a Challenge: Thinking of a song that makes you happy

Actually a Challenge: Remaining happy while reading a song that makes someone else happy without slipping into a murderous rage.

At the very least, I wish they’d change the name:


30 Days of Facebook torture for your friends ?

30 Day song thing ?

I don’t know. I’m just throwing stuff out there – along with my facebook account.








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Last night, I skipped my usual company-provided transportation (No, I do not work for a call centre or an airline) and took a rickshaw home from work.

This is a rickshaw.

Alongwith genii, ghosts & goblins, this is also one of things that goes bump in the night ( and most parts of the day )

Even so, it’s usually a short, peaceful ride from the office to home, yesterday being a most unfortunate exception. The whole way, the rickshaw made a loud shrieking sound when the driver hit the brakes. WTF?! After a whole day’s work and then some this was the last thing I needed to hear – continuously – for about 30 minutes.

As I held my aching head in complete despair, I kept thinking it could be worse! It could be worse! But How? This is the very question that led me to list the other sounds I’d never want to hear while (alone) in a rickshaw. Here they are:




Heavy breathing




Muffled Screaming




Lips smacking

Tweeting (literally and Twitter-ally)







And Timbaland!

Yep, it could’ve been worse.



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