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Saturday and Sunday! These are the only two days I get off a week (That doesn’t sound right, does it?). I spend Saturday sleeping in, then bouncing off the walls with excitement, watching movies, drinking coffee, meeting my four friends ( Yeah, I’m not the most popular person in the world). Sunday, on the other hand, is mostly spent doubled over in woe at the fact that I have to go back to work the next day.

This Saturday, however, is different. It is the final of the cricket World Cup, which each and every single person I know will be watching. The plan is to congregate at the usual location for this 10 hour long sporting event. Unfortunately for me, watching the elderly and unfit move slowly along a sunny ground is possibly less interesting than having to watch beige paint dry.

To allay my boredom, I’m going to take on a small project for the duration of the game. Building a vacuum cleaner! I couldn’t possibly begin to explain the train-wreck of thought that led me to this but it beats the hell out of a slow death by cricket.

Summing up, the post that is about to unveil before you is a detailed account of my completely ridiculous attempt to build a vacuum cleaner – at a coffee place – while all my friends have their eyeballs glued to a large projector screen.

To start with, I down a cup of coffee and set out in the heat of the afternoon to buy the “apparatus”. I’m back with everything I need…










Great news! There is nowhere in the city where you can buy this.

Here I am, a full day’s wages later, with three-quarters of the things I need to make a vacuum cleaner, no possible way to do it and seven more hours of the game to go.

So what did I do with all these things? ( I swear, my “models” did not do this under duress. )


I know what you’re thinking. ” That’s all they could come up with for the hose ? ” But no, none of the other pictures were anything that these two could allow on the internet.





Not just a kitchen sponge anymore!

In hindsight, there were other things I could’ve done to pass my time. Slept. Stayed home! Watched TV. Read a book. Instead, I chose to take up this completely futile task which was over much before it started.

On the bright side, at least we won!

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