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The epic fail with the vacuum cleaner now behind me and six more hours of cricket before me, I decided to take a journey of exploration through the music on my iPod. You’d imagine that I would already know what was on it but having an unfortunate internet service provider and a computer from pre-history doesn’t really allow me much downloading. For this reason, my iPod has music from family, several friends and even some random acquaintances.

Though I was already aware that there was music on this thing not exactly to my taste, I’m still slightly shocked by some of the things I found.

Grown and Sexy, Chamillionaire

This is a lovely little diddy about a woman whose ass Chamillionaire ( connoisseur of the derriere as it were ) has deemed be better than the, you know, front-facing view. Not to say there’s anything wrong with her front. It’s just that her face is the Mona Lisa but her ass is a masterpiece. Now aren’t those the words that every girl just longs to hear ? Does that guy know how to give a compliment or what ?

Sugar, System of a Down

Dear lord! This is the perfect song..for when maniacal ravings are your flavour for the day. While it is possible that my lacking in intellect prevented me from fully comprehending this song, the near seamless move from the Kombucha mushroom people to the lead singer having killed everyone was quite rightly beyond me.

My Ba*ls, SNOT

Like me, you might think that the song title is far too obvious to actually be about well, male genitalia. Coming from a band that called themselves Snot, this is not the case. All at once, I have too many things to say and no words to say them with.

At this point, I’m not entirely sure whether to just clear out my iPod or the whole lot of the “music” bearers with it. So much for journeys of explorations: Spice Girls and Britney, here I come!

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